Enter the streets... infested with drugs, guns, robberies, and homicide all for financial dominance. The streets are cold and mean, you can't go alone. You want to have the material things that your local drug Lords have so you decide to buy HEAT, only to be outnumbered and outgunned.

What is your next move? Do you let the cats push you around or do you join your local set in efforts to be the sickest motherfucker in town? Not a hard decision to make ain't it?

Join your local gang and rep your colors with pride, take over other neighborhoods and reach worldwide notoriety!

We are Colorz - the most gangster NFT project to date! Band of the dopest and baddest G's looking to dominate the streets around the globe. Join us and throw it up for your crew!

Meet the bad ass crews:

Road Map

Reputation, respect, money, and acknowledgment; all the characteristics that come with being a gangster. Intertwined with lust, greed, and hatred is a lifestyle of no ordinary man, and a life that only a select few dare to live out.

Colorz, the most gangster and badass NFT project that lets you live out the fantasy of being a true motherfucking G. Based on gangs and activities associated with street life and crime, here you will be allowed to morph into gangsters from different sets and fulfill all of your sick, sinful, and fucked up fantasies.

All roads lead to Rome? Nah fuck that, all roads lead to home; the place where your family is - the people that will go to war and bleed for you.

Ride through these phases with your family:

  • Phase 1

    Introduction of a band of the sickest gangsters that will run through the streets of the Solana Blockchain, and take out every other set in town.

    Bluez, Redz, South Siderz, Triad, Riderz, and The Mob all ready to declare a World War on the streets. From dusk 'til dawn, they will be fighting for world dominance and will be running from the HEAT...

  • Phase 1.5

    Staking and Stainless Pack

    After our mint our holders will be able to stake their NFT’s to generate CREAM tokens before HEAT officially launches and get a head start with higher in-game income that holders will be able to swap out for other currencies as well as exchange them for various in-game features that will help them generate even more tokens daily. Our staking will be lock-free and holders will also benefit from staking while they are unable to play the game so that they do not lose out on tokens that they can earn daily. However, it must be noted that staking will generate less tokens daily than playing the game will
    Daily token generation from staking:
    Mythic - 15
    Legendary - 12
    Epic - 9
    Rare - 7
    Uncommon - 5
    Common - 3
    Stainless Pack is our Collection of 2,778 various weapons that will allow holders to enter into our HEAT game with higher FIREPOWER! Each one of our OG’s from our initial collection will be airdropped an NFT from this collection before the game launches.

  • Phase 2

    HEAT - our P2E game
    More on that Here



Owner of several businesses in entertainment industry which of course has nothing to do with mafia or gang. Maestro of marketing and branding, chill guy but do not cross him. Real OG of dealing with work under pressure and a great problem solver if you know what we mean...


A certified G with all kinds of street cred. You will see his name everywhere you go. The true master of tagging and artistically doing gangster shit, as well as a firearm virtuoso.

Big Dro

They call him Nikola Tesla of the hood. A programming genius who tracks anyone that beefs with his set down using his computer skills. And takes out any threats through ruthless cyber attacks.


A ride or die homeboy who is a mastermind of carrying out operations in the neighborhood. Dedicated NFT enthusiast, who knows how to manage and direct his set, especially when the homies be slacking.


A physically imposing yet a mentally gifted thug. He can be your best friend or your worst motherfucking enemy depending on which side you're on. A puzzle that no one can figure out, not even himself. He is a man of mystery but one thing is certain that nobody fucks with Bishop.

Salvatore (SAMMY)

No nonsense attitude having guy with great verbal and public relations skills. If you want a word put in for you anywhere, he's always the one to call


NFTs ("Non-Fungible Tokens") are one-of-a-kind tokens that represent a unique good or asset, like digital art. They can be sold in to collectors and the sale of NFTs. NFTs created on Mint are hosted on the Flow blockchain.

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You can share it, gift it or place it for sale directly from the wallet on to the markteplace. There you can see what your NFT is worth at the moment.